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Who We Are

eduGrind is an organization focused on improving team productivity and individual personnel development. eduGrind focuses on developing the emotional intelligence and capacity of members in order to build self-awareness and management as well as to develop awareness of others; emotions, learning styles, and communication styles in order to build a collaborative culture and efficient productivity with desired outcomes.


Team building is the focal area of our organization because it is the cornerstone of effective organizations whose collaborative culture indicates successful outcomes are driven by many, not just one. With a history of analyzing systems to transform them under the lens of collaboration, eduGrind has pushed staff and student outcomes over a period of time.


eduGrind’s focus is to increase the circle of influence in order to build positive ripple effects within every organization it serves and the members within it.

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Our Founder

eduGrind was founded by Davina A. Ruiz. Davina has been in education for over 15 years, holding many positions such as teacher, coach, dean of school culture, district administrator, assistant principal, etc. When she returned to NYC after finishing her Bachelor's, she spent a year as an environmental analyst and received a letter she wrote herself in high school explaining her passion for education and teaching. The letter was sent by her high school AP English teacher who promised to send the letter 5 years after graduating from high school. She kept that promise. This letter allowed Davina to make a final decision to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming an educator. She decided to leave her position in the environmental field and pursue education - later obtaining two Master's in education allowing her to progress in the field under many roles with many initiatives.

Davina specializes in building collaborative cultures to improve team outcomes, communication, and products. She is a firm practitioner of inquiry-based curriculum design, implementation, and adaptation.  With over 15 years in education, Davina takes on all opportunities to practice her educational philosophy which is “your role in education is to develop the entire child and educator”. Her holistic approach to building educators is driven to improve student learning outcomes. Davina strongly feels no aspect of a team or organization stands alone, they are all intertwined to develop mindful, empathetic, and resilient stakeholders to build a community and efficient organization to achieve desired results while building members.


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