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Elevate yourself with eduGrind

At eduGrind, our services are created to improve youth outcomes by helping members within organizations develop essential skills for collaboration, evaluation, and data-driven initiatives. Each service crafted to elevate and educate the mind, body, and soul of NYC community members, especially youth and educators, against inequities into a transformative path

Team Building and Collaboration Development

At eduGrind, we understand that effective team building and collaboration are critical for success in any organization. That's why we offer specialized training programs designed to develop skills around emotional intelligence for team members.

Professional Development

At eduGrind, we believe in the importance of professional development for educators. Our goal is to develop staff to build multi-tiered supports in all areas of school systems and culture. We are committed to providing ongoing training to educators so they can better serve their students and communities.

One-on-One Educator Mentorship

At eduGrind, we believe in the power of personalized education. That's why we offer one-on-one educator mentorship to help you achieve your academic goals. Our team of expert educators is dedicated to providing you with individualized support and guidance to help you succeed.

Pre-Service Teacher Bootcamp

developing the framework for pre-service teachers to create their “teacher voice” and educational philosophy to drive their professional development within their careers

Systems Consultation

Looking for ways to increase your organization's efficiency and productivity? Look no further than our Systems Consultation services at eduGrind. By assessing and analyzing your organization's current systems, we can provide tailored solutions to streamline processes and increase effectiveness.


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